Recognition Awards

The recognition award was developed from a belief that the students at Nancy Pattison’s Dance World needed to be recognized for their efforts at the studio.  Many of Nancy’s students go on to do great things in many fields, but often times we don’t tell the children how much we appreciate what they are doing right now.

These awards began in 1997 and are given to students at NPDW who are working hard each and every week for their teachers, achieving well on exams, and showing great promise in all areas of dance.

Just think how marvelous and inspiring it is for a young performer to receive their very own round of applause on Rehearsal Day!  This is what the awards are all about for the children!

Lori MacDonal Memorial Scholarship

Lori MacDonald Memorial Scholarship

Lori began lessons with Nancy Pattison’s at the rather late age of ten. Her love of Tap was evident from day one, and continues to be her favourite discipline. Lori became a member of the faculty at Nancy Pattison’s during her high school years, and she enjoyed competing with the “early” competition team. When Al Gilbert honoured her with a scholarship, she and Al began a very special relationship. Working with Al was a complete joy, as many of you know, but having Al at her wedding in 2001 was very special for her.

Upon graduation from high school, Lori attended the University of Guelph, where she was responsible for running the Performing Dance Group on campus, and teaching many dance courses for staff and students in Guelph. Upon her return to Windsor, she worked for a few years coaching the Competitive team at Nancy’s.

In memory of Lori, this scholarship is awarded yearly to a recipient who demonstrates the same love for tap that Lori did.

The Gabrielle Greenwood Memorial Scholarship

The Gabrielle Greenwood Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all NPDW students.  It will be awarded to the student that shows the same passion we always saw in Gabi.  The scholarship will be awarded on the recipient’s recital night.

August 13, 2003-January 31, 2013
Gabrielle “Gabi” Greenwood had the heart of a dancer.  Her love for dancing showed in every class she took and every smile she gave.  Gabi had a work ethic that is rarely seen in one so young.  She had a determination and drive to improve with every step she took and every class she was in.

On January 31, 2013, Gabi was taken from us far too soon at the age of 9.  Our hearts broke with the loss.  When sharing memories of her, we began to realize what an impact someone so young could have on the world.  We will always remember Gabi’s sweet big smile, her joy, and most of all her passion and love.  Here at NPDW we know one thing – Gabi is dancing in heaven and we will always treasure her presence here with us.

A Beautiful Tribute to Gabi
Written and Recited by Terri-Lynn Colman

On the back of your program, you will find out traditional slogan, one that we end every show with: we teach the finest children in the wold, because they are all yours. And while that’s true, they say the best teachers are lifelong learners and so I’d like to tell you that every day we learn from the finest children in the world. We learn to be patient, we learn new teaching styles, we learn first and last names and favorite colors and favorite boy bands. We learn the latest slang and we learn the newest styles of shoes. This year we learned so much more than we expected to.

This year, we learned what it means to feel a tragic loss. We learned that seemingly impossible task of holding it together for others, for our students who needed us to be strong. We learned how quiet a studio room with 60 people inside can become. We learned to hold a hand we’d never held before and how to hug a child when all we want to do is cry ourselves. We learned the true meaning of “the show must go on”. And it did and it will. We looked around and we learned how incredibly strong your children are. And how compassionate and empathetic they can be. And we learned a new kind of love, one that had no prerequisites. We hugged and hugged and sometimes said no words at all. We were amazed at how caring your children were to each other, to our entire dance family. And that’s what we became: a family. We’ve said that before but it has a new meaning now. This year we learned to cherish the smiles and giggles from your children. We learned what relief and gratefulness really felt like every time they walked into our classrooms. We learned the biggest lesson of all: Live life to the fullest.

On January 31, our Gabi left us and at first that’s all we knew. But here today I can tell you, Gabi is everywhere. She’s on the walls of our studio, in our pictures and videos. She’s in our minds and hearts, She is behind every smile we give your children and is in every beautiful day we have had since. She is a force inside many of the dancers on this stage tonight. This year your children, our kids have helped us to grow and learn and love. And for that and for Gabi we say “Hallelujah”.

The Mabel Grondin Memorial Scholarship

The Mabel Grondin Memorial Scholarship

Mabel Grondin was Nancy’s mother and one of her biggest fans and supporters. She loved watching her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren dance. Mabel’s favourite part of dancing was seeing the smiles and stage presence of young dancers. The Mabel Grondin Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a dancer whose smile lights up the stage with wonderful stage presence and showmanship.

The Earl Pattison Memorial Boy’s Scholarship

The Earl Pattison Memorial Boy’s Scholarship

The Earl Pattison Memorial Boy’s Scholarship will be awarded to a young man who shows enthusiasm, dedication, and seriousness towards the art of dance. Earl asked that his grandson, Ian Pattison, be the first recipient of this award. The Earl Pattison Memorial Boy’s Scholarship will be awarded on the recipient’s recital night.

September 16, 1936 – November 14, 2003
Earl was Nancy’s husband, father to Cindy and Earl John, and grandfather to Elizabeth, Emily, Ian and Alora. Nancy and Earl were married for 43 years. Earl was the family’s #1 fan. Always present for family functions. He was so proud watching Cindy dance and when the grandchildren started dancing. He would be standing at the back of the recital with his program marked so he would not miss one minute of their performance. We were all his pride and joy.

Earl’s career as an athlete started in grade school. He played all sports with such energy and enthusiasm. He made you a part of the game. He played basketball with Riverside Alumni and also with the AKO and AKO Alumni. To this day, he holds the record for the most points scored in one game. Playing for Riverside Bible Class, he scored 89 points. He also played Football with the Windsor Football League, and Pro football with the Port Huron Raiders. His other sport loves included playing Hockey with the Mohawks Metro Hockey League and the Old Imperial Bank of Canada. He was an ace player with the Windsor Senior Lacrosse Club. He enjoyed playing Racketball until a broken ankle put him on the side lines. In his final years, you would find Earl on the golf course with many of his family and friends.

All our hearts ache with this passing. Through his life time, Earl showed such energy in everything he did. Husband, father, grandfather, entrepreneur, business man, athlete, mentor and friend to many. Shortly before he died, he asked Nancy to offer a scholarship to a young man who we feel shows enthusiasm, dedication, and seriousness towards the art of dance. He asked that his grandson, Ian Pattison be the first recipient of this award. The Earl Pattison Memorial Boy’s Scholarship will be awarded on his recital night.

The Rochelle Pajot Memorial Dance Scholarship

The Rochelle Pajot Memorial Dance Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all students who study with Nancy Pattison’s Dance world and show the same dedication and enthusiasm we saw in Rochelle. This will be awarded in the recipient’s recital night.

Rochelle, Nancy’s niece was only 4 years old when she started dancing. She danced her entire life always with such dedication and enthusiasm and always with her beautiful infectious smile. She was a staff teacher at NPDW while attending the University of Windsor. She was taken from us all too soon in a tragic car accident at the age of 21. We know how much Rochelle loved her dancing by the following story she wrote in 1980.

The Ballerina
I look on the Stage.
There is a tiny girl there dressed in a tiny skirt with funny shoes on.
She looks delicate yet strong.
The music starts.
The piano plays a beautiful classical piece.
Then the girl becomes someone totally different.
Floating like a beautiful butterfly with no weight on any particular part of her body.
Her head is so gentle and her arms are inviting.
I want to stand up and dance with such compassion and skill.
She is so graceful.
The music stops.
She sinks back into someone else.
See seems afraid and lonely.
Who is she really?

The Al Gilbert Memorial Dance Scholarship

The Al Gilbert Memorial Dance Scholarship

The Al Gilbert Memorial Dance Scholarship will be awarded to a dancer who is studying in the Al Gilbert graded system and preparing for annual exams. This will be presented on the recipient’s recital night.

July 12, 1921 – February 3, 2003
Nancy and Cindy met Al many years ago at a dance convention in Washington, D.C. From this time on with using the method of teaching Mr. Gilbert created, Nancy Pattison’s Dance World grew from a few hundred to over 1000 students. This revelation happened to many young teachers throughout the entire world. He also wrote several inspiring pieces of poetry, verse, and words of inspiration. This particular piece was written to Nancy and Cindy on March 8, 1997.

To Nancy and Cindy on This Special Occasion

Here’s to Nancy
Here’s to Cindy
Two ladies I just adore.

I have known them two
These many years
And I pray for many more!

Cindy was just a little tot
When Nancy and I first met.
I have seen her through her exams and more
And she was always a joy – you bet!

Together this Mother and Daughter team
Have proven that talent and love
Can make any dream come true.
With some help from that man from “above”.

I know that Nancy is proud of Cindy
As any Mother should be,
And Cindy of course, is very proud of Mom
And her “Dance Legacy”.

Their “World of Dance” is second to none
To that we all attest.
They continue to strive to improve their skills
And to all give their best.

So, on this their Anniversary
I merely want to say,
I love them both – please stand up with me to say

The Enid Ricardeau Memorial Scholarship

The Enid Ricardeau Memorial Scholarship

The recipient of the Enid Ricardeau Memorial Ballet Scholarship will be chosen from the classical ballet students currently studying at Nancy Pattison’s Dance World and will be presented on the recipient’s recital night.

August 9, 1912 – June 26, 2003
Enid was wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, performer, mentor, teacher and friend to thousands. Her dance training began at the age of 5 when after a fall down a flight of stairs, her left leg was left partially paralyzed. Her doctor suggested dance as therapy and she kept on dancing for 85 years, much of it as one of the most highly respected dance teachers around the world. Enid’s professional career began in 1931 when she met and married her husband Jeff. They toured and performed for 14 years. They were married for 65 years until Jeff passed away in 1995. In 1945 they opened Ricardeau Dance Studio in Wyandotte, Michigan. Enid continued teaching into her eighties and despite her reputation as a teacher she considered herself a student of Dance, earning a certificate from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance in England at the age of 66.

Nancy’s ballet training began with Enid at the age of 8. She continued to be Nancy’s teacher, mentor and friend for over 60 years. Throughout her life, Enid never stopped dancing. She shared her knowledge with all those who were interested. She will dance in our hearts forever.